best photo spots at disneyland

Places you’ve never thought to take photos at in disneyland

If you know me, you know I LOVE taking photos, and if you know me, you know I am a Disney fanatic. So it only makes sense for one like me to be on the hunt for the best photo ops at Disneyland. I will be telling you TEN places to take photos at Disneyland.

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how I plan for trips

So I am currently sitting at the kitchen table, eating homemade vegan cookies, scrollin’ through Pinterest planning a trip to LA this weekend with my best friend and I thought what a better time to write a blog post on how I plan for my trips than now! Whether you’re planning for a long trip or a short trip, I have the tips for you!

I asked my friend the other day if she wanted to go to Los Angeles this weekend for one day just for fun because it seemed spontaneous and fun to explore and adventure! I’ve gone to LA multiple times but have only done the most tourist of tourists things you could possibly think of! So I want to plan a trip that is more than just tourist things, I always like to plan like that because I feel like it opens your eyes to whats around you, and you can learn more from what you see or randoms you meet. Obviously, you do have to make time for the tourist things as well though – like the Hollywood sign in LA, the Empire State Building in NYC, or the Bean in Chicago. Those are what make the trip. But I like to look for places that aren’t too touristy and that are cute and artsy (obviously).

So what I do first, is research… I read blogs, I go on Pinterest, I check others’ Instagrams and just open my eyes to what is out there. Once I have a better idea, I start to make a list of what appeals to me. I go through and look at a bunch more blogs and posts, etc. I continue to add to my list. I also text people who have been and ask for recommendations on must sees.

Once I have my list all set, I pull up a map of the city and I open an excel document. I do research on the areas to learn their names and see what they have to offer. I sort out all the places I am interested in by the areas they are in. Then I check the map again and see what makes sense. I plan according to how far things are. I also take into account if it a restaurant or museum and it has hours for when it is open. Depending on how many days you have, you will plan differently. I was in San Francisco for two and a half months so I had a looot of time to explore these areas and places, but for this trip to LA, we have one day so we will probably stay within a few areas that are around each other. I also take into account the time length of the trip because you might not only want to go to one area for a specific thing; I recommend taking the time to explore that area and not only limit yourself to whatever you have planned. It is important to plan extra time for that because sometimes its good to just roam and explore! And thats how I plan for my adventures. I want to make sure I see everything but also enjoy my time there – you never know when you will go back to some place so plan and live it to the fullest – and remember to look up and around and not always down at your phone!

8 year old hobby

Ok so I know I said I was going to do a DIY every month and I haven’t posted once since August BUT to be fair, I have been DIYing, I just haven’t posted them yet!

About 8 years ago, when I was a freshman in high school I would not shut up about how I wanted to be a fashion designer. So, one day, my mom put me in some classes and I learned how to sew. I made a dress. I was so proud and thought it was so cute – maybe not so much today but hey, I still dig it. Although, the bow is falling off.


ANYWAY, during that time, I convinced my mom to buy me a sewing machine and I couldn’t tell you if I ever used it. For the past 3ish years, I said I would take it out of retirement and sew again. I never did until a few months ago. I somehow got the urge, desire and passion to just sew and create and see what I could make. I started off basic then did a few more things. I really enjoy sewing and want to continue to learn more and get better at it.

I decided to make a “style” section on the blog where the DIYs will go. I will share how I made them and what the inspiration was! So be on the look out for those 🙂

I think its so cool when you try out an old hobby again and end up loving it. I encourage each of you to go out and try something new, or old!