fangirl story time

I wanted to share a story with all of you, which I find quite entertaining but also super embarrassing if I ever actually marry Nick Jonas and he reads this post.

So a few Sundays ago, Sept 17th to be exact, Nick was in town. For those who do not know, his birthday is the 16th. On his birthday, he performed at the Angels game. I contemplated going up until hours before the game. It didn’t really make sense with life to go – it was hours away, I couldn’t persuade anyone to go with me, I was going to a concert the next day in Anaheim, I had so much to do with school that I knew I would be tired … ALL SUCH STUPID EXCUSES CONSIDERING HE SANG INTRODUCING ME, LOVEBUG, AND OTHER GREAT SONGS. Meanwhile, my friend was there and was sending me a million snapchats. I decided not to watch them just yet.. I wanted to wait until she sent them all. I woke up early the next morning… went to church then went to get my nails done. Didn’t have time to check social media until my nails were done. So I proceeded to watch the snaps and I’m not kidding you, I started crying. THEY WERE BEAUTIFUL… his voice. Mind you, I have fangirled over this dumb boy for the past 11 years… we all have our person, right? A guy we just can’t stop fangirling no matter the age, right? Ok, don’t even lie to yourself.. so many of you love Harry Styles and Justin Bieber – I’m not judging you! And guys, idk just listen to the story.

ANYWAY, so I’m sitting there watching the snaps then bam, I get a text from my friend who is on her way to Disneyland, saying, “Nick is at Disney.” I say WHAT THE FREAK. I check Joe’s snap and insta story, then I check Nick’s and I start freaking out. I freak out texting her – glad she’s still my friend. I then text my mom and sister saying, “Last night Nick sang lovebug, who I am, and introducing me. Today, they are at Disneyland. I am actually crying I hate myself” (I just checked my texts so that is that real text. Am I dramatic or what?)

So roomies and I are all done getting our nails done and get in our cars. My mom calls me and says “go to Disneyland, theres a train at blank time.” And I start crying because mom supports this… I text my friend and she was like “if this was Drake, I would do it.” I contemplate this for a LONG time because like what?! why the heck am I freaking out like this?! Also, remember when I said I was going to a concert in Anaheim – well that was this night so I would have to make my other friend drive all the way to Anaheim alone. I texted her and called her but no answer… I drive to her work, walk in with watery eyes and said “Nick is at Disneyland right now. Can I go and can you meet me in Anaheim for the concert?” and she said “are you crying?!?!?!” I nodded and she said “go!!” and I walk out crying even more because HELL YA GIRL THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT IM LITERALLY PSYCHO. Next, I run home, grab clothes, book it to my parent’s house with MINUTES until the train left. I run to the train and the guy is like “oh why are you late”… BECAUSE I FREAKING SPED HERE AND I CANT BREATHE RIGHT NOW.

So I get on the train, I do my make up then I’m there. I’m in the uber almost to Disney went Joe posted that they were at Carsland. I basically run into California Adventures and I RUN to Carsland and I scope out the area… to the right of the sign, I see two guest service cast members and I look a little closer and just knew in my heart that it was them so I walk closer and just look around in their area. First, I see John Taylor and FREAK out because its THEM. GUYS ITS THEM. 11 YEARS LATER AND FINALLY THIS WILL BE THE DAY. (side note: I met Joe once and held Nick’s hand from afar for a few seconds so I haven’t had my Nick moment yet). Then their huge ass group starts walking out and then I see Frankie with two people and freak out some more. Then I see Joe in his white coat and hat and freak out again. Then I see a guy in all black with a black hat and I KNEW that had to be Nick. Then I watch them walk away and I didn’t wanna be creepIER and follow them so I walked around the other way and start running because I lost them. Then Michelle, the friend who told me he was there, called me asking where I was and I’m like RUNNING AFTER NICK WBU GIRL and she’s says “I just passed Joe and Nick isn’t with them” I DON’T CARE, DON’T BOTHER ME (jk haha) then suddenly Michelle and I basically run into each other and she tells me again that Nick wasn’t there and I said YES HE IS. And we run and see them again then they go onto Soarin’. So I tell Michelle to leave so I don’t make her go crazy and I just wait for them to come back out. There were two girls standing by where I am and they just reeked of Jonas fan girls, so I ask them and OH MY GOSH WERE THEY SASSY AND RUDE AND LIKE OK WE GOTTA STICK TOGETHER IN THIS. Then one says “they’re at Award Weiners…. Garbo posted a snap…” I check Garbo’s snap, Joe’s and Nick’s and I book it to that area. Then they get on the Guardian’s of the Galaxy ride and I freakin’ missed them again!!!!! And the day just gets sad from here …. their snaps aren’t loading, I’m running all around California Adventures… finally one posts… I run to Disneyland and run all around the park… finally their story loads and they’re at the exit… I run to the exit and all around the exit and they are NO WHERE TO BE FOUND. LIKE WHY CAN I NOT FIND THEM? SO MANY PEOPLE SAW THEM THAT DAY BUT NOT ME? I’m just telling myself it’s not my time yet… but it’ll happen soon… and I’ll tell you about it when it happens. So thank you, thank you for the support. Go after your dreams. And don’t give up. Right when you feel like giving up, remember why you started… keep goin’. Haha but no seriously. (And btw, I have a Disneyland pass so this isn’t THAAT crazy. It would be a different story if I didn’t have one.) One day, guys. Stay positive. Ellen put me on your show.


So I’m not gonna lie, I consider myself a pretty positive person. I love life and I get excited when I think about how great and fun it is and all the cool things you can do in this life. But my one devil that I just can’t over come: stress. I stress so much. I tell myself all my positive thoughts while I stress but I still do it. School has been in session for about 4 weeks I believe and I have two presentations coming up. My dad once told me that public speaking is EVERYONE’S fear… but why do I feel like my fear is different? Everyone seems so chill about it. When I master the anxiety of public speaking, I will share some advice for you guys – I genuinely want to become a good public speaker, it seems fun. Until then, I’ll just help you with ways to calm the heck down from stress.

  1. Take a nice, long shower or bath
  2. After that shower or bath, turn on some Christmas lights, light a candle, put a face mask on and lay in bed. Drink some tea and just relaaaaaax
  3. Watch a movie. At night. After you’ve finished your homework (usually the thing that stresses me out)
  4. Eat your favorite fruit
  5. Drink more tea (the calming kind)
  6. Go for a walk
  7. Make a vision board
  8. Let your thoughts out in a journal
  9. Evaluate your priorities
  10. Tell yourself that it IS going to be okay, and the thing you are stressing out about is so little
  11. Keep a good attitude
  12. Take deep breaths
  13. Spend time with positive and uplifting people (they exist – go find them)
  14. Go to bed early
  15. Exercise – whatever that entails to you
  16. Plan for a night of relaxing
  17. Watch the sunset
  18. Do arts and crafts
  19. Listen to your favorite music or a positive YouTube video or podcast
  20. Dance (my favorite)
  21. Go out for ice cream or froyo or gelato or something that is appealing to you
  22. Clean your room / declutter
  23. Write you goals
  24. Eat lunch in a park
  25. Make a list the night before of what you need to achieve the next day
  26. Laugh! At yourself… anything!
  27. Escape for a bit and read
  28. Say “no” to activities that you know will put you behind or stress you out more
  29. Try not to procrastinate. I say “try” because I am procrastinating right now but I don’t mind because I enjoy writing and it makes me happy and less stressed!
  30. Let go of a grudge or something negative that has been building up inside of you all week

Although these are little things to do when you are stressed, if you start to implement them into your daily lifestyle, you will notice that your life is more positive and stress free! Remember… it may be bad (stressful) day but its not a bad life 😉

staying sane

In order to keep myself sane, I decided that I am going to do some sort of DIY at least once a month. It is important to do what you love every once in awhile – we tend to get caught up in school work and real work but the things that keep us sane are the things we love to do and NEED to do. My thing is DIYs. I remember the first time I discovered what a “DIY” was… It made my fashion designer dreams a heck of a lot easier. My DIYs involved cutting pants into shorts, and gluing patterns, studs and fabric onto them. I turned my ugly or not used shirts into something cute and trendy. Any trash I found, I wanted to revamp it. I would go to the mall and see what was trending and see how I could turn what I own into that piece so I didn’t have to spend money that I didn’t have because I didn’t have a job. I have a job now but still don’t feel like spending money on certain things. This is a great transition into this months DIY. I was scrolling through Instagram and I saw Shannon Barker in the CUTEST SWEATSHIRT EVER – I had to have it. So I looked it up and found the great Mink Pink sweatshirt – it was $80 and I was like HECK NO I COULD DRAW THAT MYSELF. Then I realized, I can draw that myself… So that’s what I did.

Pieces include: fabric markers in black, yellow, and pink and your sweatshirt of choice from wherever in whatever color you want! – the brilliance of DIYing – it’s all up to you.

And here is the finished product… TA DAAAAAAA

Stay tuned for next months DIY 🙂

disney college program

My experience on the Disney College Program in Orlando, FL.

Last January or February, of 2016. I was laying on my couch looking outside. The weather was that perfect Disneyland weather.. you know, the one where its sunny but a little chilly- but not too chilly. I was thinking to myself how badly I wish my pass didn’t expire and how I should get a job so I could buy a new one. Then I thought to myself, “girl. you have always wanted to work at Disney, whether you were Belle or just working at Disney. Just apply to the Disney College Program and you can probably get into the parks for FREE!” so I pulled out my laptop and applied just like that! I said that my top three interests were merchandise, photo pass, and character. I really had NO idea what each of those entailed and if I was capable of doing them but I wanted to make my 8 year old’s self dream come true!!

A week went by… I had an online interview. A month or two went by… I had a phone interview. There she asked me if I had any experience taking photos – I told her I enjoy it for fun. She asked if I went to a character audition or planned to – none of the days worked out so I said no. Maybe another month went by. I was sitting at the movie theatre as the previews for The Jungle Book were on… I thought to myself OMG! they said they would let me know in April… its April 15th let me check. And I got an email that I was accepted into the Disney College Program!!!!!!!!! As a merchandise cast member – WOOOHOOOOOO! In Orlando, Florida.
I was terrified to tell my parents – I had just moved to California about 3-4 years before and now I would have to pack up again and move to Disney World for 6 months. But… I told them the next day and they were so excited!!!!! That day, I filled out everything I needed to fill out- I joined all the Facebook groups to find roommates. Its hard to find good roommates… But I definitely got the best!

Now lets get to the fun part….

What should you do when you visit Disney World?
Well everything, obviously!

My top favorite rides at each park:
Magic Kingdom: Big Thunder Mountain and Under the Sea – Journey of The Little Mermaid
Hollywood Studios: Tower of Terror and Toy Story Mania
Animal Kingdom: Expedition Everest and Kilimanjaro Safaris
Epcot: Frozen Ever After and Test Track

I couldn’t pick a favorite show at each park because you literally need to see ALL of them, so amazing!

If you’re at Disney World for a good chunk of time and you have time, it is really cool to resort hop. Disney definitely pays really close attention to detail and sure makes it feel like you have escaped reality, even when going to the resorts! The top 3 that are closest to Magic Kingdom that you should visit are Grand Floridian Resort & SpaPolynesian Village Resort, and Contemporary Resort. I also recommend doing character dining at one or all of the resorts – definitely a cool experience. If the adults want some adult fun with some great tunes, please go to Jellyrolls at the Boardwalk Resort, you’ll thank me. My, of age roommates and I would go way too often just because it was such a fun experience.

I was never a big fan of fireworks for some reason but when my roommates sat me down and made me watch Wishes… you can bet that was a very magical moment for me. It was a great story and lesson being told. On my last day of the program, very last day, my roommates (minus one) and I watched it for the very last time and you know we cried. I remember hearing Jiminy say, “the best part is, you’ll never run out of wishes.” And that was just an inspiring part for me at that moment because I truly felt as though I made all of my wishes come true- but then he said that and I knew that meant it was time to make more wishes rather than dwell on the past. SO yes… I recommend watching the fireworks. Unfortunately, they ended Wishes… but they have a new fireworks show called Happily Ever After- and it is amazing. I watched it online and well, cried so yup!



As for parades, you can’t miss the 3 o’clock parade… its on everyday at 3 o’clock! The real name is Festival of Fantasy. Watch it.

Also, I dare you to wake up at 7am to watch the welcome show. Definitely an experience.


Another show we really enjoyed was the Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire!
There is a lot more of entertainment that you find around parks so just embrace it! Those were some of our favorites!

Meet characters!!!

Another fun tip, if you’re there at the right times:
Magic Kingdom has parties! They have a Halloween party and Christmas party! The park is closed down early for the guests who pay to attend the party. There is a new parade, new fireworks and rare characters that usually aren’t seen normally! It is definitely worth the money!

Epcot has festivals: Food and Wine Festival and the International Flower and Garden Festival.
The Food and Wine Festival takes place in the Fall so I was lucky enough to go to it. During this event, they have special foods and wine or other alcohol beverages that each country is known for that you can sample… its very tasty!
The Flower and Garden Festival happens in the Spring. Here they showcase flowers and gardens… I don’t know much about it but its Disney and Epcot so you gotta go!

This is random but I just wanted to give a shoutout to Animal Kingdom. Yes the attractions are fun, the animals are so cool, and the shows are amazing… but one day, just take time to explore Animal Kingdom. There are some pretty cool sayings on the walls, as well as just exploring and feeling like you literally escaped and you are now in Asia and Africa. Definitely a must.

Okay don’t forget about Disney Springs! Talk about ALL MY FAVORITE STORES IN ONE PLACE – does Disney know or what?!?!?!
Disney Springs is the perfect way to still feel as though you’re at one of the Disney parks with all the entertainment… but you are shopping!!
At Disney Springs, you can find not only shopping, but good food.. and good entertainment. You can find bowling, music, Disney Quest, all of it!
If you are a fan of seeing really cool talent… You have to see whatever Cirque du Soleil show is playing. Seriously breathtaking!

Again, I’m just gonna end this blog post telling you to live your life to the FULLEST. Believe in your dreams… and never stop making wishes!!!!
Leaving the home I made for myself the past 4 years, for just 6 months was incredibly hard. But my excitement took over all of that fear because I just knew in my heart that this trip was going to be so worth it- and it definitely was! I believe that all the trips you are presented to go on will be so worth it and definitely a learning lesson. I learned a lot during my time here- whether its to live everyday to the fullest, how to deal with other types of individuals, lessons I can take into my future career… I’m going to take it with on all my endeavors.

No one could’ve said it better than Belle…

“I want adventure in the great wide somewhere!”


I remember the summer my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, was the summer that we really changed our ways. My mom is the go-getter, hard worker type- luckily I get that from her. She kicked breast cancer’s ass like no other – she is the strongest woman I know and will continue to inspire me everyday. That summer, she shared the idea of me taking a semester off to intern close to home (Chicago) so I could be there for her – I was 20 at the time and TERRIFIED – I love my mom to death but taking a semester off; leaving the home I started in San Diego scared the CRAP out of me, I could not imagine doing that. My mom knew it was a crazy idea too – but that’s not the point… the point is the idea that this got us talking about me starting to plan for my future and to look into internships [its crazy to think back to that talk we had because I FAINTLY remember it – my dreams and goals were so different from what I know now and what I’ve achieved – life is crazy, man].  ANYWAY – to the point. The one thing I remember from that conversation was my mom saying that I can NOT have FEAR – I can not ask what if questions, I can’t wonder about what would happen if I did this or that – I just have to do it. And from that moment, I’m not kidding (yes, I’m dramatic but still I believe it), I would say thats the moment that I truly changed my life. From then on, I decided not to have any more fears (I still have them today bc I’m clearly human & not perfect, but the minute I start to doubt and worry and wonder, I tell myself to get over it and that its the only thing holding me back). Since then, if I want to do something, I frickin do it!! Because of that conversation, I had the strength to apply to the Disney College Program, spend 17 days in Europe with one professor and 13 students, spend 11 days wandering around Europe with one friend. I went to NYC with myself and a friend. I took an internship in San Francisco – YO GIRL IS KICKIN BUTT.

The San Francisco opportunity [btw, I’m in SF rn writing this blog post] was probably the hardest. The semester was coming to an end and I really wanted to lock down a summer Marketing internship – I worked hard to find the one that I did. It was in San Diego, so I could stay there for the summer (finally, I thought, my first summer in SD with all my friends). I was so excited for the summer. Then all of a sudden, a new opportunity comes my way. It’s super last minute, I have to tell the other internship that I can’t do it anymore, I have to tell my friends that once again I was leaving them, I have to find a place to live, I have to pack everything up all again – all within one week. I’m saying all of that stuff as if it actually upsets me ^ but honestly – I love always being on the go, I love packing up and just leaving. But the fact that I had my whole summer planned, and this came along with so many unsure factors, I was nervous.. scared.. stressed. Every feeling you could feel. But deep down, I wanted this more than anything. I wanted it to work out so badly. But that fear and those doubts was bringing me down and making me feel so weird. But thankfully, my parents were there to push me and to tell me to fight those fears. Here I am, about a month and a half in, and I frickin love it here. I lowkey wish I didn’t have to go back :/ I love working, I love the city, I love exploring, I love learning something new about myself everyday. I was hesitant – everyone was telling me that I would love San Francisco so much and I was mad at them for telling that; I felt like they were trying to persuade me and I wanted to figure out on my own if I did actually like it. And honestly, it took me a while to get into the groove of this city, and it was hard doing it alone (I can expand on this a little more in a different post). But I’m so so happy that I did it and I didn’t let that fear hold me back. I’ve learned SOO much and I don’t know when another opportunity like this, where I have learned so much, would’ve come up.

I’m telling you, fear is ALWAYS going to hold you back. You can’t let it. The more you don’t let fear get in the way, I really think the happier you will be. You will take more chances; and you’ll learn so much about yourself and what you are capable of. This life is short and man, you just gotta live it.

With that being said – one thing that I really want people and my friends to learn is to please don’t be scared to do what you really wanna do – you won’t achieve anything if you are constantly scared and holding yourself back. Say yes (to appropriate things only pls) and make your dreams come true! And along the way, stay positive! Positivity has such a big impact on your life and the minute you change your thoughts, you can really change your life. Yes I know, that’s saying a lot but I’m truly serious! We all have those days – trust me, I’m sad and I doubt myself all the time – but at the end of the day, I make sure to stay positive and keep a good attitude about things and remind myself that everything ALWAYS works out in the end (and if it doesn’t work out the way you want it, that means it wasn’t supposed to work out that way – aka it worked out the way it was supposed to). When I was younger, I made a fashion Instagram, Inspire and Shine because I wanted to inspire others to get out there, be themselves, wear what they wanna wear, do what they wanna do, be who they wanna be and just SHINE. Today, my friends and I make fun of how freakin cheesy that is, but I’m still here telling everyone the same thing – so don’t forget it 🙂

Go out there, make all your dreams come true and shineeeee! Xoxo

about me aka bellalaland

So here’s the story: I’m stuck in this world that I created in my mind – I’m not sure if I created it from a book that I read when I was younger – still to this day I am trying to figure out what the book was called and what it was about and if I ever actually read it, or if I just liked the way it looked because it was a cute fashionista in front of the Eiffel Tower. Or maybe this world I created came from the countless times I watched Beauty and the Beast as a kid, telling myself that I was Belle because I was “never part of any crowd, cause her heads up on some cloud.” So if you can’t tell, I am quite the dreamer.

Let me set the scene for you in this world I created. The location is Paris, France. The year is whatever year you want it to be. And the mood, is this awesome Spotify playlist I created.  This scene is VERY similar to the one from the Lizzie McGuire Movie – you know the one, where Paolo takes her to the designers to have them dress her and Supermodel is playing in the background. Yeah, so imagine yourself in a room similar to that – a whole bunch of creative people are around you – fashionistas, designers, photographers. You’re behind the scenes, just groovin’ with your fellow creative friends to the songs on my playlist. You’re a designer or stylist. And you’re successful and happy. As everyone in the Devil Wears Prada says, “a million girls would kill for this job.” Yeah well, thats the world I created for myself in my mind. Everyday I basically live my life as that character – whomever she may be. And thats what I call “bellalaland” – how lame, right? Well, I like it 🙂

There’s this other side of bellalaland that is all about magic, happiness and positivity – you could call it Disney World/land or we could just continue with it being bellalaland – I wouldn’t say I’m THAT obsessed with Disney, yes I’m obsessed – but I’m obsessed with how it makes you feel. I’m obsessed with the idea that Walt created that is never going to die because it is so strong. I’m probably the cheesiest person you will ever meet – I truly think I get inspired by anything – my stomach will feel all gooey or I will tear up at the LITTLEST and nicest things and I instantly feel inspired – I don’t think its a bad thing, I love being this cheesy. But because I am still a 22 year old with a young soul, that just can’t seem to grow up – I’m stuck in this lalaland where everything is good and happy. I fangirl over such little things. I remember this one day so clearly – it was my second to last day going to Disney World as a Cast Member. 4/5 roommates were at Magic Kingdom that night – we were watching Wishes for our very last time (before these roommates, I never cared for fireworks – my excuse was that they hurt my eyes. Someone made me watch Wishes my first week at Disney and it was the greatest thing I’ve done in those months ANYWAY-) we were watching Wishes, and at some point we all started crying and hugging each other because those 6 months were coming to an end… I was thinking to myself “well shit, all of my dreams have come true – I traveled to Europe, I finally worked at Disney World, my childhood dreams have come true, what am I supposed to do now?” then literally SECONDS later, Jiminy Cricket goes, “The best part is, you’ll never run out of wishes” and MAN – that touched me. I knew then and there that I will continue to make new wishes, goals and plans and I WILL make them come true 🙂

(also when i say “never grow up” – I don’t mean be a child forever – I think I mean it more in a sense of just believing in those little things that makes a child happy. I am bad at paying attention to the bad in the world, I don’t know anything about the real world (politics n shiz, or somethin) – I probably should but I just don’t have the time or energy to put into that stuff. I would much rather be completely content sitting in a field listening to Disney or laying in my bed, watching a movie that I’ve seen a million times, and probably watched the night before.)

So here is to introducing you to bellalaland… I hope through my thoughts, goals, motivations, travels and other random things, I can inspire you. Enjoy 🙂