staying inspired

I looked to my sister, Haley and I asked her what the next thing I give advice on should be and she said “how to stay inspired.. and motivated” and then I added “throughout college” because I definitely think that can be difficult… for myself at least. I know I felt as though I lost some inspiration during college for some time. Its hard, you get so caught up in the school work and forget about the things you enjoy doing. I think some ways to stay inspired are to just get outside- take a break from your school work and look around you, see whats out there and something will inspire you. Go on drives and find new places in your town; or go to new cities! I love going to new places and feeling inspired by the energy of that area, whether its a city, nature or whatever! Let a song inspire you, an outfit, a stranger… anything. Just open your eyes and mind!

I think I feel most inspired when I go on walks and listen to music that I really enjoy. Ideas just seem to come to me then, it’s a pretty cool feeling. Another time I feel inspired is when my eyes are burning, right after I put my phone up for the night, trying to fall asleep. I’ll be laying there and just have so many ideas run through my brain and I type them up in my notes, and sometimes I’m so tired that I just hope they stay at the front of my brain so I remember when I wake up. I think it’s important to find the times and areas that you feel most inspired and start to embrace them! Spend time doing those things and just let the ideas flow.

I love to look at Pinterest and Instagram but I think the best time to truly feel inspired on your own, is to be only with yourself; no social media… just you, your surroundings and a notebook!

So go get inspired! Forget about your worries and responsibilities just for a little so you can create; there is always time to create.

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