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So if this is your first time going to Disneyland, welcome! If this isn’t your first time going to Disneyland but you just need some new inspo, also welcome! I will be sharing the ultimate guide to Disneyland: what to wear by season, what to bring, the top 5 rides (in my opinion), and must see, must do, and must eat!

What to Wear to Disneyland

We will start off with what to wear for each season! As you may know, California does not have seasons, there is warm weather and there is rainy weather. With that being said, I will share outfit inspo for both types of weather. The nice thing about California is that, it does not get humid so no matter the sunny day outfit, you should be good to go! As for cold and rainy days, California typically does not get lower than 50 degrees so layering is key! Below, I have two graphics with your outfit inspiration!

What to Bring

Depending on the weather, here is a list of things to bring with you.

  • Minnie Mouse ears!!!! You can’t not ya know.
  • A comfortable backpack or fanny pack
  • ApplePay or an wallet that is easy to find
  • Water bottle
  • Sunscreen
  • Chapstick
  • Advil/ibuprofen – you might get a headache!
  • Hair ties
  • Portable charger or a FuelRod which you can purchase at the park, very conveinent because it is one price of $30 but whenever it dies, you can replace it with a full battery one throughout the park! I recommend this if you are going to be at the park for many days, an annual passholder, or know you will be traveling to Walt Disney World as well.
  • Umbrella or poncho (if raining)
  • Comfortable shoes!


Top 5 Must Ride Rides (low key and high key)

I will pick one ride from each park to make it fair, and I will pick one popular and one hidden gem ride! In Tomorrowland, you think I will say my favorite is Space Mountain, but personally, I do not love Space Mountain. I will recommend it though because everyone loves it! My favorite low key ride would have to be … the monorail.. haha but really!

Now Fantasyland, most people will say Mad Tea Party and Matterhorn Bobsleds and I am not against it, but I think Storybook Land Canal Boats is such a unique and very “Disney” ride!

Next: Frontierland. Okay, Big Thunder Mountain Road is my favorite and thats all. On to Adventureland, the popular one here is Indiana Jones – you should do Indiana Jones for sure because they don’t have it at Disney World and at Disneyland Paris, it is VERY different. As for the other parks, I will update this when I go hehe. One of my favorites in Adventureland is Tarzan’s Treehouse because I feel like I’m living out my treehouse dreams! Also, another one only at Disneyland!

Last but not least for Disneyland is New Orleans Square and Critter Country. The Haunted Mansion – everyone loves! I personally think the Nightmare Before Christmas x Haunted Mansion ride is the BEST and I don’t like scary or either of those movies. Another great one is Pirates of the Caribbean. As for Critter Country, Splash Mountain and that is all!

Now we move to California Adventure – Toy Story Mania, The Little Mermaid, and Guardians of the Galaxy are my favorite rides there. Ride them all because they are different at the other parks or just don’t exist.

That was supposed to be only 5 rides but as you can tell, I got pretty passionate about it.

Must See, Must Do, & Must Eat

I will say this for every park but a must see is ALWAYS the parades and the fireworks. You just have to experience them because every park will do it differently and it’s just a cool thing to experience with that country, ya know?

Below is an image of must see, must do, and & must eat but I am going to pick my top 5 (excluding parades and fireworks) from that list for you!

  1. Walk through Sleeping Beauty’s Castle
  2. Pretzel Carts (my favorite snack)
  3. Mickey and the Magical Map AND Fantasy Faire
  4. Watch the Red Car Trolley News Boys perform
  5. Dole Whip (perfect for a hot day)
  6. Pin trade (not on there but one of my favorite activities)



I hope you enjoyed my blog post! Enjoy your trip to the first Disney park that changed our lives!!!

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