DIY: overall suspender bottoms

I am LOVING the suspender look. A few months ago, I fell in love with a overall suspender skirt and didn’t get it and now its gone… which means, time for me to DIY it. I am going to show you how to DIY suspender cropped pants & a suspender skirt from pieces I owned, that didn’t wear and needed to upcycle!

(So this one, you do need to sew but it is so easy, that you could sew by hand!)

So lets start with the pants.

I took a maxi dress that I didn’t care about anymore.


Step 1: Cut off the top so you’re only working with the bottom of the dress.

– I liked this dress because there was already elastic in it, so when I was cutting off the tube top part, I kept some elastic so I didn’t have to worry about that. So I recommend using a dress with elastic in it already! Or you’ll need to put your own elastic or zipper in!

– The other nice thing about this dress, is now I have a separate tube top as well!


Step 2: If you skirt doesn’t already have slits, then cut some slits on the side.

I lucked out because mine already had slits, so I folded the dress in a way that created two legs then I just sewed up the slits!

Step 3: I cut off some of the bottom to 1. make it shorter and 2. to have fabric for the straps.

Once I did that, I created two straps. Then I sewed the straps into the correct place and there you have it!

To create a strap, cut enough fabric where if you folded it in half, it would be the thickness you want! Once you have it cut, fold in half with the printed sides touching, then sew along the edge, then flip the straps inside out! (This is the most tedious part)

(I didn’t hem the bottom but you can to make a cleaner and more finished look!)


Now for the skirt!

It is the exact same process! Except I turned my high-low skirt into a flowy, one length skirt. You can pick your length.

With the excess, create straps then sew the straps on!

And you’ll probably have more excess – with that excess, I love to make headbands, scarves, chokers, whatever you think would be cute!