DIY: 2 piece skirt and top

So I’m not a professional or anything like that. I am a normal girl who knows how to work a sewing machine and wants to make her own clothes. I don’t know how to make patterns (yet)(well, I’ve never tried) and I don’t know all the fundamentals of sewing. I see something that I like, I inspect the piece, I go buy some fabric and I attempt to make it. I make mistakes and I am sure there are probably much easier ways to make things but eh, I do it my way. So by doing it my way, I am going to show you how I made this two piece skirt and top!


Materials needed:

  • 2 yards of fabric
  • Zipper
  • Tape measure
  • Fabric scissors
  • Thread
  • Pins


    1. Measure your waist. This is the smaller part of your stomach, above your hips. Or measure where you want the skirt to sit.
    2. Fold the fabric in half, with the print side touching. With the folded side facing up, make a guess of where the center is and lay your tape measure along it. Measure from 1 inch to half of what your waist size is. (example: waist size: 27 so use 13.5 inches. I also gave myself some slack to work with so I would do that and you can always fold it over when you are putting the zipper on). Make a mark on where that is then fold it in half again but to the side, not up and down. The point of this is to create a front and back of the skirt. Once you have folded it. Cut the shape of the skirt so when you unfold it, it looks like a skirt. Here are some pics to help it make sense.IMG_9659


  1. After I created my shape, I cut the waist part so there was an opening. Then I pined the two sides and did a straight stitch to create the skirt. Remember to do this with BOTH print sides touching each other so when you flip it inside, the stitches are the inside! IMG_9663
  2. I then placed the skirt fabric and the, what will be the band fabric, facing each other and sewed to create a band!
  3. Once I did that, I lined the zipper up to the back of the skirt to see how long it was and I cut a straight line down the back of the skirt. With the skirt being inside out, I folded the raw edges and sewed the zipper on.
  4. From there, I was able to put the skirt on and I measured how long I wanted it to be. Then I took it off, cut it and sewed the raw edges and the skirt was finished!

My friend, Maggie asked me what the shirt was going to look like, and I didn’t even think about making a top! So I gathered some left over pieces and created this top. How I made this top is very similar to how I made my gingham top – which I will make a blog post on next. The only difference is that I added straps to this one. To make the straps, I cut two pieces of fabric then folded them in half – print sides touching then sewed close to the edge so I had room to flip the fabric inside out. I measure the length of the strap then sewed them on normally!img_9671.jpg

Again, I am not a professional. I am just learning and having fun with it so thanks for reading 🙂

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