san francisco

This past summer, I had the opportunity to intern in San Francisco. The day I received the final details, I packed up my room (once again) and booked a flight for a few days later. It all happened so quick, I was overwhelmed. Luckily, I had family to stay with but other than that, I was alone.

This was my first time truly traveling alone and I did not know where or how to start with my adventures. I went on Pinterest and Instagram; read multiple articles and made an excel document of where I wanted to go. (Making an excel document like this was inspired by someone I met at work and I LOVE the idea and plan to continue it for all my trips!!!)

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 3.07.23 PM

This was my first time in San Francisco so my homework was to study a few different maps to get an idea of where everything is. San Francisco was huge and strange to me but learning where everything is and where the Bart/Muni goes, makes traveling a whole lot easier. There was one day where I walked 8 miles just for fun! I love getting lost then finding my way home, its almost like a game to me.

My favorite areas were probably the Marina and North Beach just because I enjoyed the vibes and the areas. I also enjoyed the Mission District, and hanging in Dolores Park. My favorite food place would have to be Vegan Burg. It was DELICIOUS. Vegan or not, you have to try it!!!


One of my ultimate favorite things that I did this summer was grabbing some food and just chillin in a park or some random grass that I found. I would write, read or just people watch and it was soooooo nice. This helped me reason how healthy it is to be able to explore and do what you love on our own! Traveling alone truly helped me learn a lot about myself and grow.

WARNING: San Francisco is in fact cold in the summer. Don’t be fooled by those photos. Everyone said that this was the best summer and there were some warm days but man were there some cold days!

I learned that it is overwhelming and stressful to go to a completely strange city on your own but I recommend making a list of what you want to see, as well as learning and understanding how to get around and in one day, you can become a pro! San Francisco is such a cool city and unlike the others. The hills and the colorful houses are what made me love it! Also, the vibes and how chill everyone is pretty great.

I recommend exploring the places on my list, including the ones I didn’t make it to! Some are touristy, but how could you not!

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