how to have a good Instagram

Everything you need to know to create an Instagram that you love.

At lot of people don’t care or understand the point of putting the extra effort into Instagram. But growing up with a fascination for all of this “stuff,” I see the importance and the fun to it, so keep reading if you’re the same way 🙂

Here is a little table of contents/overview of what I am going to talk about:

  • Poses/Angles
  • Planning
  • Theme
  • How I Edit My Photos
  • Apps I Use


This one is mainly for fashion Instagrams so skip ahead if this doesn’t interest you. But this can also help those who want to learn their angles.

It’s all about becoming comfortable in front of the camera, and not worrying what others think. Because yes people are staring, but is it worth losing the photo op, worrying, if you KNOW its going to be good. The ones staring are going to be the ones staring on social media as well, so you just gotta do it.

I would start by dancing in front of the camera to get comfortable. Then from there, do poses that feel right to you. Sometimes, dancing is all you need.


Try playing with your hair or your clothing pieces.


Be silly. That makes the photo more authentic.


Use a prop. 


My go-to pose is looking down and putting one foot in front of the other… this makes you look taller.


As for angles, when you’re first figuring out what angle you like: tell whoever is taking the photo to try couching down, putting the phone above their head, or come from different sides so then you can figure out where you look best.


My favorite app to plan with is UNUM.. just don’t ask me to pronounce it.

This app is so convenient because it helps you plan what looks good next to each other on you feed.


I think Instagrams look best when the photos are categorized by “thing,” “close up,” and “far away.”

“Thing” can be anything from a prop, flat lay, photo of something w/o you in it, etc… just a thing.

“Close up” is simply just a photo that is focused on a person or person(s). So if you have a photo of you and a friend and you two are the main focus, or it is hips and up – that is a close up. Or if it is a selfie where you are the focus.


“Far away” is a photo of you with or without friends but you are far away, there is more going on behind you… it is a full body.


Once you have the photos categorized, sort them out and move them around to see what looks good next to each other. You don’t want to have too many of one next to each other.

This is personally what I do and think looks good in my mind, but it is Instagram and there are no rules – post what makes you happy at the end of the day. Having an organized feed with content I am proud and passionate of, makes me happy.

Planning your photos on UNUM is just like playing Tetris lol.


Once you have your planning done and photos organized, having a feed (one filter or style you use on every photo) this brings the whole look together.

Your theme doesn’t have to be a filter, if you can make it work where all your unedited photos match… but from personal experience I cannot achieve that and I like playing with filters!

Picking the perfect feed, involves playing around on whatever editing app you like and finding a filter that speaks to you, then altering the settings to make all the photos match.

I just think a theme makes everything look a lot cleaner and organized.

How I Edit My Photos

I love a good vintage and retro pink. So I would take photos of me in pastel colors (my brand color basically) and add S1 on VSCO, play around with it.. I would usually bring saturation down, temperature down, and add a pink tint to reach my desired look.

Recently, aka a couple days ago, I wanted to change it up and I was leaning more a blueish/brownish feed. So I started using A5 on VSCO, bringing it down to the 7s, adding blue temp or orange temp depending on what the photo needed more of and that’s pretty much it.

(If you don’t use VSCO, this might not make sense but play around with it and you’ll get it).


Apps I Use

  • VSCO (to edit)
  • Lightroom (I mess around with it but I’m not a pro – but that never stopped me)
  • UNUM (to plan)
  • FaceTune (to make things more white or add “detail” to certain things)
  • Rhonna Designs (for fonts and to make templates/fliers/etc)


These are just my thoughts and opinions. There is no right away to do Instagram. But I started using it since the beginning in 2011 and have been watching what people do throughout the years and on my own, this is what I discovered as the best practices. This was geared more towards a fashion lifestyle type of Instagram but you can make it your own with whatever photos you like to take!!!!



winter mood

Hi there! I haven’t done a favorites/mood post in a while so I decided to do one today! Living in California, I don’t know what season I am in because the weather is always 50s and up (IF its in the 50s (which it has been this past week)). Since TECHNICALLY it is winter, this will be my winter favorites/mood.


  • So I am SUPER late to the game on this favorite… like SO LATE but it just took me so long to do it and I’m so happy I did because I feel so cool wearing these… which is… white high top converse!
  • Cheetah
  • Polka Dots
  • White booties
  • Flare jeans
  • Wide leg pants
  • Suspender pants/skirts

Songs that are on repeat:

  • UM Fall Apart by Post Malone, who am I? lol
  • The Greatest Showman album (thats more like me)
  • Double Dutch Bus by Raven Symone

Favorite show & movie:

  • Show: Riverdale
  • Movie: The Greatest Showman

Favorite accessories:

  • Funky colored belts
  • (Faux) fur
  • Still forever and always loving scarfs around your neck or in your hair!!

fall mood

Remember when I said that instead of doing monthly “favorites,” I would do seasonal moods… Here is my Fall Mood:

Clothing pieces:

Considering it is still 90 degrees in California right now – I am still wearing my favorite clothing pieces that I wore during the summer time. But I can tell you some things I am EXCITED to wear when the weather gets colder / things I am loving this fall:

  • BERETS! THEY’RE BACK! Do you know how excited I am? I can finally wear the beret my parents got me years ago because I was inspired by Massie Block (my childhood inspo – Google her)
  • 60s and 70s vibes (grandma florals – heck ya)
  • Business attire!!! Oversized blazers and cropped and fun patterned slacks
  • Any type of cropped pants really (my absolute favs)
  • Monochromatic
  • Fur – something that will always make me happy
  • Jumpsuits make me happy too

I’m seriously so excited right now because of that list.

Songs that are on REPEAT

  • December, 1963 – Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons
  • New York, New York – Frank Sinatra

Favorite shows

  • The Voice. Just started watching this two days ago. So random but I dig it.

Favorite accessories

  • Wicker circle bag
  • Scrunchies
  • Scarves & headbands
  • Berets

staying sane

In order to keep myself sane, I decided that I am going to do some sort of DIY at least once a month. It is important to do what you love every once in awhile – we tend to get caught up in school work and real work but the things that keep us sane are the things we love to do and NEED to do. My thing is DIYs. I remember the first time I discovered what a “DIY” was… It made my fashion designer dreams a heck of a lot easier. My DIYs involved cutting pants into shorts, and gluing patterns, studs and fabric onto them. I turned my ugly or not used shirts into something cute and trendy. Any trash I found, I wanted to revamp it. I would go to the mall and see what was trending and see how I could turn what I own into that piece so I didn’t have to spend money that I didn’t have because I didn’t have a job. I have a job now but still don’t feel like spending money on certain things. This is a great transition into this months DIY. I was scrolling through Instagram and I saw Shannon Barker in the CUTEST SWEATSHIRT EVER – I had to have it. So I looked it up and found the great Mink Pink sweatshirt – it was $80 and I was like HECK NO I COULD DRAW THAT MYSELF. Then I realized, I can draw that myself… So that’s what I did.

Pieces include: fabric markers in black, yellow, and pink and your sweatshirt of choice from wherever in whatever color you want! – the brilliance of DIYing – it’s all up to you.

And here is the finished product… TA DAAAAAAA

Stay tuned for next months DIY 🙂

summer mood

So I am going to start “Favorites” blog posts.. But instead of it being a “June or July Favorites,” this is gonna be called my Summer Mood – I think that’s pretty fitting.

Let start with my favorite clothing pieces for the summer.

  • Brandy Melville pastel blue tube top that I’ve worn way TOO many times in a short amount of time
  • This white Free People top that I got back in November and still wear every day (when I’m not wearing the blue top) (I think its this one, FP has so many similar to this, you can’t go wrong)
  • My new Zara jeans – I’ve worn them like 4 times already and its been a week. They’re the PERFECT high waisted – they go so high you can barely breathe.
  • My cute pastel lavender mules from H&M

Songs that are on REPEAT

  • Vogue by Madonna
  • Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself by Jess Glyne

Who am I fangirling over ATM?


Favorite movie(s)

  • All of the Pirates of the Caribbean. I saw all 5 of them in one week for the first time ever. Then I saw the first one 2 more times after that.
  • To the Bone – it just came out on Netflix. It was super good. Lily Collins is my all time girl crush and she absolutely killed it in this movie – so proud of her. It is about a young girl with Anorexia Nervosa so I would look it up before you decide to watch it – it can be intense at some parts.

Favorite book(s)

  • Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon
  • Unfiltered by Lily Collins – might as well give her another shout out.

Favorite summer accessory

  • Pizza floaty

Favorite make up

  • Make up Forever Ultra HD Foundation – thank God the woman told me to get this because I don’t think I’ve ever looked better.

Favorite face/skin care

  • Mario Badescu Acne Facial Cleanser- I’ve been using it for months now and I almost have no pimples so my face routine will probably never change