staying inspired

I looked to my sister, Haley and I asked her what the next thing I give advice on should be and she said “how to stay inspired.. and motivated” and then I added “throughout college” because I definitely think that can be difficult… for myself at least. I know I felt as though I lost some inspiration during college for some time. Its hard, you get so caught up in the school work and forget about the things you enjoy doing. I think some ways to stay inspired are to just get outside- take a break from your school work and look around you, see whats out there and something will inspire you. Go on drives and find new places in your town; or go to new cities! I love going to new places and feeling inspired by the energy of that area, whether its a city, nature or whatever! Let a song inspire you, an outfit, a stranger… anything. Just open your eyes and mind!

I think I feel most inspired when I go on walks and listen to music that I really enjoy. Ideas just seem to come to me then, it’s a pretty cool feeling. Another time I feel inspired is when my eyes are burning, right after I put my phone up for the night, trying to fall asleep. I’ll be laying there and just have so many ideas run through my brain and I type them up in my notes, and sometimes I’m so tired that I just hope they stay at the front of my brain so I remember when I wake up. I think it’s important to find the times and areas that you feel most inspired and start to embrace them! Spend time doing those things and just let the ideas flow.

I love to look at Pinterest and Instagram but I think the best time to truly feel inspired on your own, is to be only with yourself; no social media… just you, your surroundings and a notebook!

So go get inspired! Forget about your worries and responsibilities just for a little so you can create; there is always time to create.

how I plan for trips

So I am currently sitting at the kitchen table, eating homemade vegan cookies, scrollin’ through Pinterest planning a trip to LA this weekend with my best friend and I thought what a better time to write a blog post on how I plan for my trips than now! Whether you’re planning for a long trip or a short trip, I have the tips for you!

I asked my friend the other day if she wanted to go to Los Angeles this weekend for one day just for fun because it seemed spontaneous and fun to explore and adventure! I’ve gone to LA multiple times but have only done the most tourist of tourists things you could possibly think of! So I want to plan a trip that is more than just tourist things, I always like to plan like that because I feel like it opens your eyes to whats around you, and you can learn more from what you see or randoms you meet. Obviously, you do have to make time for the tourist things as well though – like the Hollywood sign in LA, the Empire State Building in NYC, or the Bean in Chicago. Those are what make the trip. But I like to look for places that aren’t too touristy and that are cute and artsy (obviously).

So what I do first, is research… I read blogs, I go on Pinterest, I check others’ Instagrams and just open my eyes to what is out there. Once I have a better idea, I start to make a list of what appeals to me. I go through and look at a bunch more blogs and posts, etc. I continue to add to my list. I also text people who have been and ask for recommendations on must sees.

Once I have my list all set, I pull up a map of the city and I open an excel document. I do research on the areas to learn their names and see what they have to offer. I sort out all the places I am interested in by the areas they are in. Then I check the map again and see what makes sense. I plan according to how far things are. I also take into account if it a restaurant or museum and it has hours for when it is open. Depending on how many days you have, you will plan differently. I was in San Francisco for two and a half months so I had a looot of time to explore these areas and places, but for this trip to LA, we have one day so we will probably stay within a few areas that are around each other. I also take into account the time length of the trip because you might not only want to go to one area for a specific thing; I recommend taking the time to explore that area and not only limit yourself to whatever you have planned. It is important to plan extra time for that because sometimes its good to just roam and explore! And thats how I plan for my adventures. I want to make sure I see everything but also enjoy my time there – you never know when you will go back to some place so plan and live it to the fullest – and remember to look up and around and not always down at your phone!

8 year old hobby

Ok so I know I said I was going to do a DIY every month and I haven’t posted once since August BUT to be fair, I have been DIYing, I just haven’t posted them yet!

About 8 years ago, when I was a freshman in high school I would not shut up about how I wanted to be a fashion designer. So, one day, my mom put me in some classes and I learned how to sew. I made a dress. I was so proud and thought it was so cute – maybe not so much today but hey, I still dig it. Although, the bow is falling off.


ANYWAY, during that time, I convinced my mom to buy me a sewing machine and I couldn’t tell you if I ever used it. For the past 3ish years, I said I would take it out of retirement and sew again. I never did until a few months ago. I somehow got the urge, desire and passion to just sew and create and see what I could make. I started off basic then did a few more things. I really enjoy sewing and want to continue to learn more and get better at it.

I decided to make a “style” section on the blog where the DIYs will go. I will share how I made them and what the inspiration was! So be on the look out for those 🙂

I think its so cool when you try out an old hobby again and end up loving it. I encourage each of you to go out and try something new, or old!


So my blog post ideas come from things I am passionate about. One thing I am passionate about is how girls(and boys) feel about themselves… whether thats with relationships, insecurities, aspirations… etc.

My whole thing is about inspiring others to truly live the life they want to live and to follow their dreams. It hurts me to see others putting themselves down or being put down by others. You are so much stronger than your thoughts or whatever these haters have to say. My new thing is actually believing that haters will make me stronger. I’m taking their comments and seeing how I can grow with them.

I get upset when my friends tell about bad friendships they are in. If someone is causing you SO much negativity and unhappiness, you need to get out of that friendship. I know you love them and you’ve known them for years, or whatever your excuse is.. tell yourself that those memories are just memories and that the pain they are causing you now is much more important to pay attention to. I’m not saying that if your friend is having a bad month, to drop them- obviously you want to be there for them! But if they truly treat you badly or make you feel like nothing. If they put you down or call you names or discourage you from doing what YOU love and what YOU wanna do, then drop them. People do stink, fake people exist. Your life should be full of positivity. Bad days are inevitable, I get it. But everyday can have a good and positive moment and thats what makes life so great. My next relationship topic is with a boyfriend or girlfriend. They go hand in hand. If your significant other is not treating you well, then you need to end that. And I know, I know it can be hard. I know you may be stuck because you care about them. But you are allowed to be selfish in this life. You are allowed to do what you wanna do and live how you wanna live. And if this person is stopping you from that or telling you not to do something, that is not how it should be. If this person is not letting you go or making you feel guilty for something, that’s not right. You are doing nothing wrong (maybe you are, but you’re probably not(check yourself first)). I know, and you know, what a good relationship should be like, and I do believe that its your life, you’re allowed to be selfish and do things for you. I just get passionate about this topic because I believe in it so much, and want everyone to see and understand their worth.

For those who read this and may need a friend or someone to confide in, I am always here- just shoot me an email or a DM and I got your back!


So I’m not gonna lie, I consider myself a pretty positive person. I love life and I get excited when I think about how great and fun it is and all the cool things you can do in this life. But my one devil that I just can’t over come: stress. I stress so much. I tell myself all my positive thoughts while I stress but I still do it. School has been in session for about 4 weeks I believe and I have two presentations coming up. My dad once told me that public speaking is EVERYONE’S fear… but why do I feel like my fear is different? Everyone seems so chill about it. When I master the anxiety of public speaking, I will share some advice for you guys – I genuinely want to become a good public speaker, it seems fun. Until then, I’ll just help you with ways to calm the heck down from stress.

  1. Take a nice, long shower or bath
  2. After that shower or bath, turn on some Christmas lights, light a candle, put a face mask on and lay in bed. Drink some tea and just relaaaaaax
  3. Watch a movie. At night. After you’ve finished your homework (usually the thing that stresses me out)
  4. Eat your favorite fruit
  5. Drink more tea (the calming kind)
  6. Go for a walk
  7. Make a vision board
  8. Let your thoughts out in a journal
  9. Evaluate your priorities
  10. Tell yourself that it IS going to be okay, and the thing you are stressing out about is so little
  11. Keep a good attitude
  12. Take deep breaths
  13. Spend time with positive and uplifting people (they exist – go find them)
  14. Go to bed early
  15. Exercise – whatever that entails to you
  16. Plan for a night of relaxing
  17. Watch the sunset
  18. Do arts and crafts
  19. Listen to your favorite music or a positive YouTube video or podcast
  20. Dance (my favorite)
  21. Go out for ice cream or froyo or gelato or something that is appealing to you
  22. Clean your room / declutter
  23. Write you goals
  24. Eat lunch in a park
  25. Make a list the night before of what you need to achieve the next day
  26. Laugh! At yourself… anything!
  27. Escape for a bit and read
  28. Say “no” to activities that you know will put you behind or stress you out more
  29. Try not to procrastinate. I say “try” because I am procrastinating right now but I don’t mind because I enjoy writing and it makes me happy and less stressed!
  30. Let go of a grudge or something negative that has been building up inside of you all week

Although these are little things to do when you are stressed, if you start to implement them into your daily lifestyle, you will notice that your life is more positive and stress free! Remember… it may be bad (stressful) day but its not a bad life 😉

san diego

I have been living in San Diego County for about the past four years and I’ve just been kind of living – going places where my friends think are cool and such. I haven’t really taken the time to learn about San Diego and see what there is to do! So my friend Maggie came to visit and it was a perfect excuse to make my signature excel document on things to do based on articles and Instagram, as well as things I like to do. She was only here for two and a half days. I decided to devote one day to Carlsbad and Encinitas, and the other day to San Diego (North Park and La Jolla). Maggie and I LOVE taking photos so I decided to take her to some cool places where we could take photos. We started off the first day with brunch at Native Foods. The vegan mac and cheese is to DIE for omg I haven’t stopped thinking about it. After that we were on our way to Carlsbad. We explored Carlsbad Village for a bit. I took her to Spin Records and Lhooq Books, as well. Lhooq Books is such a cute, lowkey book shop. The photo of Maggie and I was taken by a photographer that we met at the book store! His Instagram handle is @sweetpapermedia. Such a cool guy!

We just explored random streets around the area until it was dinnertime. We grabbed food to-go from Eve Encinitas, took it to the beach and watched the sunset! The next morning, we had breakfast at home but had matcha at Holy Matcha! which is everything aesthetically pleasing. Maggie is a matcha fanatic so how could we not go there. We explored North Park for a bit. It was my first time there and I really enjoyed the area. It has a lot of cool and artsy places!

Processed with VSCO with s1 preset

After a bit of exploring there, we stopped by the Spruce Street Suspension Bridge on our way to La Jolla. This has been on my bucket list since I have moved to San Diego and I finally went!! After that, we went to La Jolla to try Trilogy Sanctuary which was AMAZING. Its looks weird on the outside but go to the fourth floor and it is a roof top restaurant! Once we finished there, we were a bit tired from all that we’ve done with the day so we went back home. After we napped, we went to the Carlsbad Forum because that is the best mall ever. It was a quick trip but we fit a lot and it was a great time! San Diego is always a good idea!


So I’m from Chicago.
Okay, you caught me, I’m not exactly from Chicago… I grew up in a suburb about 30 minutes outside of Chicago, in Illinois.
But since I’ve lived there for a majority of my life, I figured why not tell you the best things to do in Chicago!

I love exploring new cities and seeing what they are all about. There is just something so magical to me about walking through the buildings and feeling that fresh, cold air.. Each city is unique. One of my favorite things about Chicago, besides the cleanliness, is that on Lake Shore Drive, you look to one side and you get a beautiful view of the city, then you look to your other side and you see Lake Michigan.. I don’t really know how to explain what I find so beautiful about that, but you’ll see it too.


IMG_0009I’m not saying I’m a picky eater… I am selective. I am willing to try new things but I know what I like. And what I like is pizza. And more pizza.

My mouth is watering just thinking about it, WOW.
Anyway, you have to try both deep dish and thin crust pizza. They are both so amazing.The places I recommend are Lou Malnatis and Giordano’s. Both are great.
(The photo to your left is me eating Lou’s on the beach of Lake Michigan.. doesn’t get better than that, huh?)

This is very non-Chicagoan of me. I apologize. I have never had a Chicago-style hot dog (like I said, selective eater) BUT I have heard they are amazing so just do it.

You like popcorn? Go to Garrett Popcorn. I swear you can smell it from miles away.


Chicago has lots of fun things to do over the summer, such as Lollapalooza and Taste OfIMG_0422 Chicago. One thing I really enjoyed was a movie in the park.. Millennium Park that is. We watched Grease so that was pretty amazing. After or before the movie, I would explore what else there is to see in Millennium Park because there is a lot. Such as the Bean, the Crown Fountain and much more.
And in the winter, you can ice skate in Millennium Park!

If you’re like me and you LOVE musicals or shows, I recommend checking out what Broadway in Chicago has playing and definitely see something- even if you don’t know what it is because you’ll still probably end up loving it!
​Lets not forget about Navy Pier. What isn’t there to do at Navy Pier!

  • Centennial Wheel
  • Navy Pier Park
  • ​​​Beer Garden
  • IMAX Theatre
  • The Crystal Gardens
  • Children’s Museum
  • Shakespeare Theatre
  • Public Art
  • Shopping
  • And just strolling indoor and outdoors to see what you find!


Museums are fun… go to all of them!

  • IMG_0421
    This is the view of the city from the Adler Planetarium

    Art Institute ofChicago

  • Field Museum of Natural History
  • Museum of Science and Industry
  • Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Adler Planetarium




You should also go to Shedd Aquarium and Lincoln Park Zoo (its free!) to see animals!

The Chicago Riverwalk… definitely worth the stroll.


Go to a sports game! Depending on the season you’re there, you’ll find a game to go to.


Lastly, just explore!
One of mine and my sisters favorite thing to do, is walk around and take photos! We love to find amazing views, cool buildings and walls full of art. I truly believe the best way to really get to know a city is just to explore. Do all the touristy things, then take time to explore.. get lost and find yourself in some really cool places!