winter mood

So since I basically took a year?? off of blogging (there’s no way)… I am going to start off with the my winter favorites!


  • TURTLE NECKS!!! This has been my favorite for years but I seriously wear turtlenecks everyday. My favorite places to get turtlenecks are at Uniqlo and Hollister – inexpensive and good quality! We love that!
  • Black booties. I have been wearing the comfiest pair from Urban Outfitters called the UO Mod Boot.
  • Sweatshirts…? I just moved to NYC and I’m still trying to figure out this weather thing lol
  • Black denim jacket… yes!
  • Simple t-shirts… that are slightly cropped… but just long enough that no skin shows, it just fits you well. Those are my favorite

Songs that are on repeat:

  • Anything by Shawn Mendes
  • And anything by Scotty Sire

Favorite show & movie:

  • Show: … I only watch Riverdale and the Bachelor
  • Movie: Bohemian Rhapsody and Mamma Mia 2! Do those count even though they came out in the summer and I just watched them last weekend? Lol

Favorite accessories:

  • Scrunchies because obviously?
  • Neck scarves ALWAYS
  • Berets because I think I’m Parisian lol