Watermark is a short film that focuses on Edward Burtynsky, his photography and our environment. What really intrigues me about Burtynsky’s photography in this film is that he is telling us a story about our environment. Burtnysky’s photos show us the relationship between us humans and water, and what we are doing with the water and to the environment. One thing that really stood out to me is the images he captured of the Ogallala Aquifer. It really captures what we are doing to our environment over a period of time. It is very powerful because we often don’t think about our actions before, we just do.

I like how Burtynsky photographs something we should all be aware we are doing. It took me along time to realize what we were doing to our environment but once I learned and became aware, I wanted to change my ways. This film opened my eyes even more to what is going on around us. Burtynsky has the ability to photograph what is real, and reach its audience in a way that spreads awareness.

“How does water shape us, and how do we shape water?” is an interesting comment said by Burtynsky. Water does so much for us, but yet we take advantage of it. The way Burtynsky captured this gives a great visual understanding, and will stick in my mind for a long time. Not only does Burtynsky capture the land and environment, but they way he captures it tells a story about that land, culture, and lifestyle.