So my blog post ideas come from things I am passionate about. One thing I am passionate about is how girls(and boys) feel about themselves… whether thats with relationships, insecurities, aspirations… etc.

My whole thing is about inspiring others to truly live the life they want to live and to follow their dreams. It hurts me to see others putting themselves down or being put down by others. You are so much stronger than your thoughts or whatever these haters have to say. My new thing is actually believing that haters will make me stronger. I’m taking their comments and seeing how I can grow with them.

I get upset when my friends tell about bad friendships they are in. If someone is causing you SO much negativity and unhappiness, you need to get out of that friendship. I know you love them and you’ve known them for years, or whatever your excuse is.. tell yourself that those memories are just memories and that the pain they are causing you now is much more important to pay attention to. I’m not saying that if your friend is having a bad month, to drop them- obviously you want to be there for them! But if they truly treat you badly or make you feel like nothing. If they put you down or call you names or discourage you from doing what YOU love and what YOU wanna do, then drop them. People do stink, fake people exist. Your life should be full of positivity. Bad days are inevitable, I get it. But everyday can have a good and positive moment and thats what makes life so great. My next relationship topic is with a boyfriend or girlfriend. They go hand in hand. If your significant other is not treating you well, then you need to end that. And I know, I know it can be hard. I know you may be stuck because you care about them. But you are allowed to be selfish in this life. You are allowed to do what you wanna do and live how you wanna live. And if this person is stopping you from that or telling you not to do something, that is not how it should be. If this person is not letting you go or making you feel guilty for something, that’s not right. You are doing nothing wrong (maybe you are, but you’re probably not(check yourself first)). I know, and you know, what a good relationship should be like, and I do believe that its your life, you’re allowed to be selfish and do things for you. I just get passionate about this topic because I believe in it so much, and want everyone to see and understand their worth.

For those who read this and may need a friend or someone to confide in, I am always here- just shoot me an email or a DM and I got your back!

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